16 Jan

Find Premium Getty Footage at Discount Prices

Are you looking for premium Getty footage? Getty Images is known for its high quality
stock footages. Its comprehensive and diverse collection include assets from Corbis and popular media partners, like BBC Motion and National Geographic. From archival film to contemporary HD and 4K footage, you will have everything you need to jumpstart your creative projects.

There’s a lot to know about what the stock media agency can offer. Here is a brief summary of what makes Getty Images one of the best sources of stock footage:

  • It has a huge collection of Getty footage. Over 50,000 hours of film are waiting to be explored.
  • You can find video clips for both commercial and editorial purposes.
  • Amazing collections of archival films and premium content from high profile partners are available.
  • Whatever license you need – royalty-free or rights-managed – Getty has it.
  • You can purchase footages a la carte or on demand with Ultrapacks.
  • Getty has a wide pricing range that varies according to size, resolution, usage and amounts of rights needed.
  • It has a well-organized library with great functionality, so you can find the video you need easily and quickly.
  • Additional media contents are also available at the stock site, including images and stills.

In spite of these great offerings, Getty Images is not without drawbacks. It is more expensive compared to microstock agencies and has no simplified or lower-cost system for Editorial videos. But when it comes to buying stock footage, the pros definitely surpass the cons. The variety and richness of the content assures you will find the Getty footage you are looking for to complete your projects.

If you are ready to purchase stock footages, visit the stock site and discover the Getty experience. Get yourself a Getty Images coupon to save up to 30% and complete your projects 10 times faster. Redeem your coupon code here now!

09 Jul

The Main Reason You Don’t Need a Getty Images Promo Code

Are you looking for ways to cut back on the high original prices of Getty images? If you are, then you must have spent a good amount of time looking for coupons over the Internet. What if we tell you that you don’t need one? You may be thinking that it is surreal, but the stock photo website actually introduced a new way to purchase images on demand without you breaking the bank. Ultrapacks work just like any good Getty Images promo code – perhaps even better.

Ultrapacks provide everyone with the chance to explore the services of the stock photo site without a Getty Images promo code. You do not need to spend a huge amount of your time looking for coupons anymore. Instead, you can use the time to create the perfect project and other important activities. The pack actually has a lot to offer, including simple licensing, convenience and value. You can access over 50 million of premium content without letting a wad of cash out.

How do Ultrapacks work like a Getty Images promo code?


A single low resolution image in Getty costs $175. With a coupon code, you can save 5 to 15 percent. However, the trick here is you can only use a coupon once. That means you only get to enjoy savings from one image. This may be ideal if you are looking to download one image only. If you need at least 5 images, you may want to consider getting Ultrapacks. They have built-in savings that give you up to 31 percent of discounts.

Ultrapacks come in different volume sizes. You can choose among 5, 10, 15 and 25 image packs in low, medium and high resolution. You do not have to pre-select the images, too. Just estimate the number of images you need and pay for them beforehand. Also, you can download the images immediately or in the future, whenever you need them. Ultrapacks simplify pricing and apply generous discounts to every photo in the form of built-in savings.

So if you are looking to download 5 low resolution images, you can save $75. As opposed to the $175 per asset original price, you can get five low resolution images for only $800 – giving you the price of $160 per image. Of course, you will get more savings when you purchase a bigger pack. A 10 image Ultrapack can give you as much as $250 savings. A 15 image Ultrapack has $525 savings. And, a 25 image pack will give you $1,125 worth of savings.

Imagine how much you can save with a pack of medium and high resolution images. So, what are you waiting for? Quit looking for a Getty Images promo code and purchase Ultrapacks instead.