Is GIF a Vector Format or Raster Format?

GIF is a lossless raster design that represents Graphics Interchange Format. The unavoidable issue: how is it articulated? The maker of GIF says “JIFF” like the nutty spread. This author (and loads of the world) says “GIFF” in light of the fact that designs begin with a “guh.” Anyway, we’ll surrender that over to you. GIF is likewise a generally utilized web picture design, regularly for enlivened illustrations like flag promotions, email pictures and online networking images. In spite of the fact that GIFs are lossless, they can be traded in various profoundly adaptable settings that diminish the measure of hues and picture data, which thus decreases the record estimate.

You should utilize a GIF when…

• You need to make web liveliness. GIF pictures hold the majority of the activity casings and timing data in a single record. Picture editors like Photoshop make it simple to make a short movement and fare it as a GIF.

• You require straightforwardness. GIF pictures have an “alpha channel” that can be straightforward, so you can put your picture on any hued foundation.

• You require a little document. The pressure methods in the GIF organize permit picture records to contract immensely. For extremely basic symbols and web illustrations, GIF is the best picture document arrange.

Try not to utilize a GIF when…

• You require a photographic-quality picture. In spite of the fact that GIFs can be high goals, they have a limit of 256 hues (except if you know a couple of traps). Photographs ordinarily have a huge number of hues and will look level and less lively (and in some cases unusual because of shading banding) when changed over to GIF.

• You need to print a picture. In view of as far as possible, most printed photographs will need profundity. On the off chance that you have to print photographs, take a gander at TIFF, PSD and JPG.

• You require a layered, editable picture. GIFs are a level picture arrange to imply that all alters are spared into one picture layer and can’t be fixed. Think about a PSD (Photoshop) document for a completely editable picture.