Cartoon Vector Art Drawing Tips For Kids

Cartoon Vector Art Drawing Tips For Kids

Cartoons are fun. Well virtually. You definitely like to watch cartoon figures. But drawing cartoons is another story, especially if you are not aware of the basics.

If the thought of making stunning cartoon characters provides you high, read on, here you may realize some tips that you just will use to enhance your skills and scale back the time taken to form stunning cartoon characters.

Now, we’ll go quickly through the basics before Getting Specific to Cartoony Style.

1. Clean your hands before beginning your drawing. Choose your tools wisely, the paper for your work should be of good quality. Low grade, off-colored paper can build your drawing look pale. Your 1st sketch should be made with light-weight lines and for finalizing you should use deep-colored and outstanding lines – choose your pencils carefully.

2. Again and again, beginners realize drawings a swish line troublesome. Remember drawing smooth lines will be easier if you don’t support your hand on your wrist like we are used to doing while writing.  Doodling and drawing some circular shapes simply before you begin will assist you to draw smoothly.

3. Learn to draw carefully feature and hand facials. Hands are more difficult. Hands area unit tougher. Specialists typically choose someone drawing ability from however well will draw human hands. So practice drawing hands with care.

4. Study about basic forms and proportions of the human body. Learn about the basics of human anatomy and various ratios of human figures.

As a cartoon creator, you may have bound liberties, you do not ought to have yourself with strict body proportions rules. you’ll be able to draw four fingered (Thumb + Three) hands that build your work a touch easier.

But the characters are more expressive and certainly, you have to create this expression with some lines drawn.

Keep in mind the 3 areas of the human face that play a major role to express emotions are:

1. Eyelids (wide open, half closed, almost fully closed etc.),

2. Eyebrows (raised, normal, crooked etc.) and

3. Lips (forming downward bow, upward bow etc.).

Hope you find this tips helpful.