11 Aug

Two Main Reasons Why Blog Images Are Important in your Marketing

We are currently living in the age of visual culture. With more than 2.5 billion camera phones in use, we are in a new dynamic era of image content and creation. Images are becoming the universal language, and you don’t want to miscommunicate with your readers. Even the fastest growing social media networks have embraced the visual medium. That’s why you should not miss out on this opportunity. Use them in your business communication, social media outlets and blogs.

If you are running a blog, here are two main reasons why you should publish images and photos as part of your marketing strategy:

  • To get more views. According to studies, articles with blog images get 94% more views than its text-only counterpart. So if you want to get more views of your blog posts, you should definitely consider getting relevant and high quality images.
  • To improve engagement. On Facebook, engagement rate of posts with images averages 0.37%, while text-only posts have 0.25%. This means that posts with images have a higher level of engagement rate than its text-only equal. Sharing your blog posts with relevant images promotes “Likes” and “Shares”.

There’s no question that high-quality blog images are a key to good marketing. Many customers value images as more important to them than plain text.

If you want more clicks and likes for your blog posts, you should certainly consider getting high quality and relevant blog images. There are a number of sources where you can get them. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. Choose a source that fits well to your creative needs and budget. More importantly, choose one that provides with you the rights to use the images legally. Free images in the internet can be tempting. Resist it and go for the affordability instead. PixelRockstar.com and Stock Photo Secrets offer quality and affordability, along with the right image license.

16 Jan

Find Premium Getty Footage at Discount Prices

Are you looking for premium Getty footage? Getty Images is known for its high quality
stock footages. Its comprehensive and diverse collection include assets from Corbis and popular media partners, like BBC Motion and National Geographic. From archival film to contemporary HD and 4K footage, you will have everything you need to jumpstart your creative projects.

There’s a lot to know about what the stock media agency can offer. Here is a brief summary of what makes Getty Images one of the best sources of stock footage:

  • It has a huge collection of Getty footage. Over 50,000 hours of film are waiting to be explored.
  • You can find video clips for both commercial and editorial purposes.
  • Amazing collections of archival films and premium content from high profile partners are available.
  • Whatever license you need – royalty-free or rights-managed – Getty has it.
  • You can purchase footages a la carte or on demand with Ultrapacks.
  • Getty has a wide pricing range that varies according to size, resolution, usage and amounts of rights needed.
  • It has a well-organized library with great functionality, so you can find the video you need easily and quickly.
  • Additional media contents are also available at the stock site, including images and stills.

In spite of these great offerings, Getty Images is not without drawbacks. It is more expensive compared to microstock agencies and has no simplified or lower-cost system for Editorial videos. But when it comes to buying stock footage, the pros definitely surpass the cons. The variety and richness of the content assures you will find the Getty footage you are looking for to complete your projects.

If you are ready to purchase stock footages, visit the stock site and discover the Getty experience. Get yourself a Getty Images coupon to save up to 30% and complete your projects 10 times faster. Redeem your coupon code here now!

09 Jul

The Main Reason You Don’t Need a Getty Images Promo Code

Are you looking for ways to cut back on the high original prices of Getty images? If you are, then you must have spent a good amount of time looking for coupons over the Internet. What if we tell you that you don’t need one? You may be thinking that it is surreal, but the stock photo website actually introduced a new way to purchase images on demand without you breaking the bank. Ultrapacks work just like any good Getty Images promo code – perhaps even better.

Ultrapacks provide everyone with the chance to explore the services of the stock photo site without a Getty Images promo code. You do not need to spend a huge amount of your time looking for coupons anymore. Instead, you can use the time to create the perfect project and other important activities. The pack actually has a lot to offer, including simple licensing, convenience and value. You can access over 50 million of premium content without letting a wad of cash out.

How do Ultrapacks work like a Getty Images promo code?


A single low resolution image in Getty costs $175. With a coupon code, you can save 5 to 15 percent. However, the trick here is you can only use a coupon once. That means you only get to enjoy savings from one image. This may be ideal if you are looking to download one image only. If you need at least 5 images, you may want to consider getting Ultrapacks. They have built-in savings that give you up to 31 percent of discounts.

Ultrapacks come in different volume sizes. You can choose among 5, 10, 15 and 25 image packs in low, medium and high resolution. You do not have to pre-select the images, too. Just estimate the number of images you need and pay for them beforehand. Also, you can download the images immediately or in the future, whenever you need them. Ultrapacks simplify pricing and apply generous discounts to every photo in the form of built-in savings.

So if you are looking to download 5 low resolution images, you can save $75. As opposed to the $175 per asset original price, you can get five low resolution images for only $800 – giving you the price of $160 per image. Of course, you will get more savings when you purchase a bigger pack. A 10 image Ultrapack can give you as much as $250 savings. A 15 image Ultrapack has $525 savings. And, a 25 image pack will give you $1,125 worth of savings.

Imagine how much you can save with a pack of medium and high resolution images. So, what are you waiting for? Quit looking for a Getty Images promo code and purchase Ultrapacks instead.    

02 Mar

Which Cheap Stock Photos Convert Higher?

cheap stock photos that convertDo you think you know everything about cheap stock photos? Well, you might want to think again. Most people do not overthink their blog images. Once they find a relevant image, they just stick with it. What they do not know is that their choice may hurt their conversion rate. Keep in mind that even small irrelevant changes can make a big impact. The same is true with your choice of stock photos.

Cheap stock photos can influence the perception and behavior of your readers – even without their conscious awareness. This is the key to choosing the right stock photos. You should choose images based on the concepts that will trigger your readers’ desire to take action. The type of concept that will trigger a conversion, however, depends on your niche. You need to choose a concept that is helpful for your type of conversion.

Here are three types of conversions you can leverage:

Rational conversion. Rational conversions come from a logical standpoint. This means that people tend to take action for something in return. For instance, they subscribe to blogs and emails in order to receive useful information about topics they are interested in.

  • Emotional conversion. Emotional conversions tap into the people’s feelings. This means that people convert from an emotional standpoint. For instance, they subscribe to a fashion blog to receive information about the latest trends.
  • Prosocial conversion. Prosocial conversions happen when people donate to a charity due to moral reasons.

Now, you can leverage these types of conversions in choosing cheap stock photos to encourage your readers to take action. Prime their concept of your brand image to help them appreciate the rational benefits of taking action by using associations. Researches revealed that images of briefcases and fountain pens cause people to behave more competitively.

When a conversion involves an emotional decision, prime the concept of fun as they make people more likely to indulge. Also, use stock photos with people looking towards your CTA because, turns out, people have an inborn tendency to follow people’s gazes. Lastly, people make decisions based on emotion. Photos with people with positive mood creates a sense of optimism, which encourages readers to convert.

Prosocial conversions use both rational and emotional reasoning. If your conversion involves prosocial behavior, prime the self-awareness of your readers by using images of eyes and people pointing outward. While business and money are good concepts to associate with rational conversions, they do not work with prosocial.

Cheap stock photos play a vital role in conversions. To boost your conversion rates, always choose images that will prime helpful concepts. Of course, the traditional tips in choosing images work effectively too. But if you want your readers to respond to your call to action (CTA), you might want to consider these tips.

24 Sep

Purchasing Creative Files with an iStock Promo Code

With millions of high quality creative files in its library, iStock provides users multiple options to fill their projects. It gives them the opportunity to complete their message with the right image, illustration or vector. So if you are planning to purchase stock files, check out iStock by Getty Images. Here are a few facts from Stockphoto Secrets about purchasing creative files from the stock image agency with an iStock promo code.

  • Purchasing on iStock. Are you planning to download a creative file from iStock? If you are, you need to purchase a royalty-free license via credits or subscriptions. Credits allow you to download files as you need them. Available in preset packs, they let you save more when you buy more. Moreover, credits do not expire. On the other hand, subscription plans allow you to access limited photos or illustrations depending on the type of subscription you acquire.
  • Pay per download with credits. As mentioned above, iStock allows you to purchase creative files with credits. Credits are the website’s currency. They can be used to download any stock files. Sold in preset packs, the larger pack you purchase; the lesser you have to pay. Files downloaded with this option allow you use them in as many projects as you like for as long as you want. Your credits do not expire as long as you use your account at least once a year. If you want a refund, you should ask for it within 14 days of the purchase and no credits should have been used.


  • Purchasing with a subscription. Image subscriptions allow you to download files at the lowest possible price. They are offered at a flat rate, which gives you access to a set limit of downloads every month. Depending on your subscription, you can download more images in total or per month. Files licensed under this option can only be used within 30 days. When the subscription ends, the license also terminates.

istockphoto 15 off

  • Purchasing with an iStock promo code. The website stockphotosecrets.com offers iStock coupons that allow you to enjoy specific discounts on your credits purchase or subscription. It is affiliated with iStock so you can be sure that you are getting valid and active coupon codes. With an iStock promo code, you can save hundreds of dollars from your image purchases.

In conclusion, purchasing creative files from iStock gives you three options: credits, subscription and iStock promo codes. When choosing between credits and subscription, you can opt for the one which suits your budget and your creative needs. Once you have decided which purchasing option to use, you can get a discount code and use it to enjoy further savings. What are you waiting for? Sign up to the website and get your coupon now!

22 Aug

Restrictions of Stock Images from Stock Photo Agencies

Are you looking for cheap stock images? Searching for images in search engines and downloading them is already an old practice. It has too many legal consequences that will put any user into certain risks. Thanks to the emergence of stock photo agencies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers and other members of the creative community now have a solution to this long standing dilemma.

Did you know that the first major stock photo agency was founded in 1920 by H. Armstrong Roberts? It continued to this day under the name RobertStock. Two of the biggest companies in the industry are Getty Images and Corbis. In the year 2000s, many more agencies have emerged. These include iStock, Dreamstime and Shutterstock. As today, many more websites have been developed to fill the needs of the creative folks.

However, stock images have their limitations and restrictions. Here are some of them:


  • Royalty-free. As the name suggests, royalty free images are does not have royalties. This means you can use the image as many times as stated in the agreement. But of course, you need to purchase the license of the image before you can use it in your projects. Most stock photo agencies use royalty-free images. These include Shutterstock (click for review), iStock and Getty Images. You can purchase these images at the above stated agencies either with Pay-As-You-Go or through a subscription plan, which are available monthly and yearly.

rights managed

  • Rights Managed. Rights managed images are licensed images with restrictions on its use. This type pf license dictates the specific use of images, duration, industry, territory, print run and exclusivity. Where are you planning to use the images? For how long are you going to use them? How many copies of the image will you produce? All these are included in the rights managed images so as not to overlap with the terms specified, clearly defined and negotiated. However, this is the most expensive and most limited license.

public domain

  • Public Domain. The last but definitely not the least is public domain. In contrast with rights managed images, public domain images are free to use. It means you do not need to purchase any license. They can also be used as many times as you want for commercial and personal use. They are usually overused by many people. Moreover, they are often low-resolution images.

When it comes to getting stock images, it is important to find affordable but high-quality ones. It is also essential to get licenses to protect you from legal risks. You can only have these types of images and this kind of protection from stock photo websites. What are you waiting for? Visit your preferred stock photo agency and get amazing images for your creative projects now!

15 Apr

How do Vector Art and Illustrations work?

There are improvements and changes in the whole idea of embracing vector art, vector graphics, and clipart. Vector art has commonly been referred to as a technique and not a style, it encompasses the idea of vector-based art which is art created in a vector-based program. Vector art involves the creation of paths and points in a given program such as freehand or illustrator. This program is well managed to keep tracks off the connections between these paths and points. Vectors are very much important when it comes to keeping proportions and the quality when sized up or down.


Vector art as a creative art

They are usually solid objects which can be moved around in a full scale or at the same time placed in similar groups with other objects. They are normally defined by numerical or mathematical data. A simple explanation of this area is anything that is created in illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, flash or any of the vector illustrated programs. It definitely serves a major role in coming up with different designs and outlooks of pictures or objects. Developing a vector is not a simple step as it may look, it takes a lot of time and dedication to create a perfect one, the role of the artist is to come up with the best decision on what to include and exclude in the whole procedure of developing the vector. It’s just the same decision that an artist will have to with the use of pastels, Conte crayons and oil paints.

Vector illustrations

Vectors are great and widely preferred, their illustrations are well developed to ensure that the main key points are communicated and achieved. They are very important unlike raster art which involves making images with pixels, a good example is JPG. During the development of vector arts, users will always make sure that they apply the use of paths; curves and points which have properties that can be easily edited, for instance, fills, colors and outlines. What makes them much important is the whole idea of their usefulness. They are incredibly useful and due to their unique nature, designers have a higher advantage of not having to worry about the pixel dimensions or the resolutions. Vectors are developed and built on points and paths they easy to be resized to the best dimension and you will be in a position to manage it without having to lose details. A designer can utilize a single vector and ensure that he finally manages to make a thumbnail sized image on a computer screen to being developed and printed on a huge billboard with a perfect quality.

Where to get the best vector art

If you are interested to work as a designer or if you want to improve on the whole idea of coming up with the best vectors, you can always make yourself familiar with the best place to buy stock vectors. They are much helpful and useful to everyone who intends to venture into this field. They help in developing your abilities; you can always get those that come at cheaper cost by majorly involving yourself and familiarizing yourself with the best rates and where to get them. At www.vectorguru.org, you will get the best rates at a cheaper cost. This site is the best when it comes to developing creativity, ingenuity and exploring your full potentials. It’s time to make a visit and discover more than you ever expected. It has vector files that you will be in a position to get the best ideas and it will involve you in your quest and enable you make the best decision when it come to the full understanding of vectors.

Free vector art is very much important as it seeks to help individuals understand this concept without having to spend any cash from their earning, internet sites have generally been offering the best help in providing free art, as people will always borrow the ideas they will be in a position to learn more about computers and the designing process of vectors. Vector art is a creative art that seeks to enlighten and welcome different ideas when it comes to knowledge seeking and improving of your academic skills, the best designers can always survive in this unique field and make a living from what many view as a difficult field.

Vector graphics

This is the use of geometrical primitives; it involves the use of lines, curves, shapes and points. They are all based on mathematical expressions as they represent images in graphics. These graphics are based on vectors and they can be referred as strokes or paths which opens ways to locations called nodes or control points or nodes.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator is regarded as the best vector creation software. This illustrator is widely used by amateurs as well as professional as they seek to learn and discover more ideas in the design field. It is a powerful and incredible illustrator that produces the best outcome. Though it can be viewed as an old system, it continues to attract a lot of people. It is somehow difficult to use as you start but you will definitely make it to the very end.


Vector art provides a lot of flexibility and room for growth for both professionals and amateurs. Nowadays there are a lot of program overlaps with the presence of Photoshop. Photoshop is another important illustrator that when used will help much in developing your ideas. It has some vector tools while on the other hand illustrator has raster tools. It’s always important to make yourself familiar with lasso and the paint bucket; however the most important thing to put in mind is that as you use them you are not creating any vector-based artwork. Running a filter is also not regarded as creating a vector based artwork.

20 Mar

The Benefits of Vector Art and Where to Get the Best Stock Vectors

Vector Art

All graphics design projects require some form of vector art. This is due to the benefits offered by vector graphics over raster images. These vector files are small, scalable and they retain excellent quality at any size. That is why in this article, we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vector art and how you can get stock vectors to buy.

Vector Art

What is Vector Art?

Vector art is artwork that is created using a vector-based computer program. It basically consists of lines, paths, curves, shapes and points. Programs like Freehand, Illustrator and Corel Draw are used to create vector art. These programs store the relationships between all the points and paths in vector files. Vectors can be moved, rotated and grouped with other vector objects. Another name for vector art is vector graphics, read more about it here!

Benefits of Using Vector Art

Vector images have several advantages over raster images. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Easy to resize. You can zoom in and zoom out on vector images without any loss of detail. This makes vectors an ideal choice when you need to create graphics that is scalable such as corporate logos.
  • Smaller file size. Minimal information (in form of geometrical properties) is stored to produce vector images, hence they take up less space and they are easier to transfer and store. The properties don’t increase the vector graphics file size even when the size of the graphic is increased. (link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/vector_art)
  • Quality is retained. Vector graphics retain their quality on all platforms at all sizes and resolutions.
  • Excellent for illustrations. Vectors are excellent for technical and industrial illustrations such as user’s manuals and technical documents.
  • Easier to edit. Vectors are easier to edit and the dimensions can be specified in device-independent units.

How to Get Vector Art

You can get free vector art online. But these are usually limited in quantity and most of these free graphics have to be used with permission or acknowledgment of their source. When you have a design project that requires a large number of different vector art in form of clipart or other types of vector graphics, you should consider buying vector stock.

Why You Should buy Stock Vectors

Buy Vector ArtYou will save several hours of work when you purchase your vector stock online. Also, you can enjoy the creativity offered by numerous professional designers who sell countless exceptional vector art designs through vector stock websites. Hence, you will not only save time, you will also make your work outstanding.

Remember that most professional graphic designers often put up their best works to increase their profits. And the stock vector websites ensure that the quality of vector art submitted is up to standard.

Furthermore, if you hire a designer to produce vector graphics for your projects, you would not be able to get the level of variety provided by these websites. These sites literally offer you millions of vector images.

What You Should Know Before Buying Stock Vectors

know-stock-vectorsIf you are searching for vector graphics for your design project, you may come across some strange terms as you sift through the huge number of vector files on various websites. You may come across terms like subscription and credit right in the middle of the buying process without a clue about what these terms actually mean.

Subscriptions plans permit you to download a large number of vector files within a month. You will however be given a daily download limit based on the type of plan you are subscribed to. These subscription plans are ideal if you or your organization needs to download a very large volume of vector stock frequently.

Credits represent a form of digital currency used by some sites that also provide royalty free vector images. To download images from these sites, you need to purchase credits that can be exchanged for the images you want. These sites also offer you discounts based on the number of credits you buy. For instance, you may purchase 20 credits for $20, while the price of 60 credits may go for $55. As you buy more credits, you are offered higher discounts. Credits usually expire; in most cases, they are only valid for a year. So they are only suitable for occasional buyers.

Most of the websites that sell royalty free vector stock images usually provide different options for you to make payments. So you can buy your credits or subscriptions using credit cards or Paypal. Some sites also allow you to use wire transfers and check payments.

Where to Buy Vector Art

Vector Guru

VectorGuruThis is undoubtedly one of the best stock vector ressource online, check out vectorguru.org. The user-friendly site gives you access to all information about stock vectors. For those who are new to buying stock vectors, this is best place to start your search. In addition to providing stock vectors, Vector guru is also a massive knowledge base about vector art. You should sign up for their newsletter so you can receive fresh insights about vector art right in your mailbox.


shutterstock-logoShutterstock offers several million vector images. It also has a nice search feature that helps to refine your search using different categories. The “exclude keywords” field helps you reduce the number of options and speed up your search. And if you want to know the most frequently downloaded images, you can click on the “popular” tab at the upper right hand corner. Check out this Shutterstock coupon code to save money buying stock vectors.


istock-logoiStock has carefully selected some of the very best illustrations, clipart and vector graphics images from several reputable stock image galleries such as Jupiterimages, Thinkstock and Getty images. The quality of the images you find here is superb. Grab this iStock promo code here to save up to 20%. There are also very nice search filters to help you narrow down the results and get the images you need quickly.


depositphotos-logoThis website provides more than 1.7 million vectors grouped into over 30 categories. For example, you can find over 70,000 vector files in the Business and Finance group. There are also categories such as “popular files”, “best selection” and “often sold”. These groups make it easier for you to find the best vector stock at the top of each list. Depositphotos also offers promotional coupons with free credits and higher discounts.


fotolia-logoFotolia provides a huge collection of stock vectors with a user-friendly search feature. The Advance Search facility can be used to refine and speed up your search for vector graphics. It also has a unique color band slider to help you limit your search to a specific color of clipart or vector art.


Those are some of the most important facts about vector art, their advantages and where to buy vector stock online. Take some time to review the facts in this article again and then proceed to purchase some amazing vector art for your next graphics design project.