5 Tips for Classy Christmas Graphic Design

From holiday cards to party invitations, to sales promotions, to baubles on a website design. It’s time to start thinking about ways to spruce up your graphic designs for the Christmas season!

The trick is creating something that looks classy and festive, not gaudy and overdone.

Go Metallic

Think about simple elements to convey holiday messages and don’t feel a need to go overboard. Nothing makes you smile and feel festive like a little sparkle and shine. Foil print effects can be one of the classiest and most impressive print effects at your disposal. And they are perfect for Christmas graphic design projects. Add a silver or gold foil technique to cards, invitations or even packaging, like the example above. Even without a lot of other holiday language or wording, you can create a festive feel with this technique.

Don’t Pick Just One Holiday

Use winter scenes, colors and imagery to create a holiday connection for users to whatever winter holiday they celebrate. Just setting the scene for a certain time of year can resonate with users.
This can be a superb option for websites that feature products for sale – and you don’t want to worry about offending users – and holiday cards that are sent to colleagues or business peers. This non-secular approach to holiday graphic design can be a little more appropriate when you are working with a wide or unknown audience. And the designs can look just as good.

Use Type to Your Advantage

Christmas graphic design projects present a special opportunity to do things with typography that you might not try any other time of year. Think of the places where it’s actually acceptable to use flowy scripts or childlike handwriting styles.
With the simple messaging of the holidays – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. – the words are well-known.

Don’t Get Stuck on Red and Green

While red and green might be the colors fist associated with the Christmas holiday, don’t get stuck using a color palette that doesn’t work with your design. Start with a palette that features cool colors – back to that winter theme. This includes purples, blues and greens. Mix your brand colors into holiday design pieces. Anything you create should be a reflection of your design style.

Light Up Designs with Animation

You don’t have to completely overhaul an existing design to add a holiday touch.

Add a festive touch to digital and website projects with a cheerful animation. Animation can bring attention to the object to highlight that holiday feel. You don’t have to completely overhaul an existing design to add a holiday touch. Sometimes the smallest design elements can be the most appreciated. Loyal users will know that you’ve added these festive elements and take care with keeping the right feel for the season on your website.